Man dumped by wife for having unprotected s_3x with 10 pr_ostitutes

A man who was caught having unprotected se_x with several se_x workers in Pretoria is now officially single after his wife divorced him, and left with his child.

The man, Pico Santana, who is also called Antonio Martins was exposed at a church service, for being a hooker lover.

It also turns out that several weeks ago, Antonio Martins was arrested, after failing to pay the R100 required for services he received at a place called budget in Pretoria.

But now his wife has had enough, so she has left him.

Speaking to several s_ex workers in the red-light district, Daily Express established that the man is famous.

“We all love Antonio,” one woman who was identified as Tumi said

“He is a brave man. He only ever wants it raw,” said another woman, identified as Karabo

“He has got over 18 of us pregnant. His wife must not leave him. He is a good man, and his seed is strong and powerful”, said Lungile

One of the women, who refused to be identified even stated that, over the last one year, she had accompanied Pico Santana to hospital 18 times to be treated for STIs.

Source-Daily Express



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